Vol 47-Accelerating Impact for Disaster Management & Emergency Response Workshop

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January 9th 2019 saw members of the AHA Centre team involved in the Accelerating Impact for Disaster Management & Emergency (AIDE) Response workshop, a part of ongoing research being undertaken by the University of Lancaster to support the AHA Centre’s operational processes and decision making in times of disaster.

Taking place at the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok, this workshop brought together a range of engaged parties including the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP), the University of Indonesia, other disaster response organisations, and representatives from the private sector, to further explore the latest tools that could improve decision making processes during emergency response.

The aim of AIDE-Response, and the research project overall, is to optimise the AHA Centre’s operations related to disaster response decision making, which was assessed by the University of Lancaster during the Centre’s responses in 2018. During the event a range of new tools and ideas were identified and discussed to ensure the AHA Centre remains at the forefront of disaster management, through the use of new and ground-breaking technologies. The Indonesian National Disaster Management Authority (BNPB) and Humanitarian Forum Indonesia were also present during the workshop, providing relevant insights into processes and potential for engaging identified tools for the benefit of all involved.

Written by : Janggam Adhityawarma | Photo : University of Lancaster