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The University of Canterbury and the AHA Centre have held a long and close relationship since the AHA Centre’s early years after establishment, with the university continuously sharing disaster response knowledge with ASEAN nations, particularly through its engagement with the AHA Centre Executive (ACE) Programme since 2014.

The University of Canterbury (UC) has catered to the demand for university level emergency management professional development and education since 2013. ACE Programme participants have benefited from UC’s dynamic disaster management faculty, who have been delivering short courses and qualifications, driven by their internal team’s international experience in the field of disaster management.

As part of the ACE Programme curriculum, the University of Canterbury has delivered the Critical Incident Leadership (CIL) course since the programme began in 2014. The course introduced participants to various hazards, and engaged them on the essentials of critical incident leadership competencies. In Jakarta, participants learnt about a range of hazards in New Zealand, as well as the institutional structures and policies that govern New Zealand’s disaster risk management processes.

The second phase of the CIL course is a 150-hour component delivered in various locations across New Zealand. This phase concentrates on the development of strategic thinking, proactive planning, decision-making, situational awareness, communication, coordination, and collaboration. Through field visits, the ACE Programme participants also interacted with emergency management practitioners, and experience first-hand exposure to various stakeholders – both experts and community – on how they understand their risks, prepare for, respond, and recover from disasters.

Participants were also immersed in the multicultural nature of New Zealand’s population, and see how the nation’s disaster management strategies take advantage of this diversity to strengthen their disaster risk reduction and climate adaptation efforts. The delivery of the Critical Incident Leadership Course in Jakarta and New Zealand is supported by New Zealand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Written by : Ina Rachmawati, Ferosa Arsadita | Photo : AHA Centre